Simone Witherden

Founding Director

Back in 2000 – I was challenged as a mother  whether I was prepared for my daughter to be  a teenager – at the time she was only 10 and I was no way ready for this. This got me thinking, reading and researching.

I put some ideas of what we needed to talk about , in a note book and I booked us a weekend away to dedicate the time just for this.  The book/journal allowed us to jot down  different conversations as many of the topics were not relevant to her at this age but were preparing her for the journey ahead.

Over the years I have done the same for my other 3 daughters and with each one the content evolved and developed.  I then shared this with other moms for them to do it with their children.  This led to many parent seminars in schools  to the parents and as a result of these we have now been  delivering TRIP into schools for the past 10 years.


TRIP is now delivered to hundreds of children every year in schools around Nottinghamshire and more recently online.

Each child is provided with journals, t-shirts, TRIP merch and knowledge and skills that stay with them for life.


Our aim is prepare and equip children and young people in a way that enable and empower  them to make informed decisions, considering the consequences of their actions and strategies to manage their emotions. Taking ownership of their actions and words.  We want to give children, young people and their parents the support an care they need to be the best version of themselves and to encourage others and build one anther up.